Written Classification Tests

The classification test constitutes an essential aspect of the Aldus Language Solutions pedagogical approach.

Students are provided with a form by emailed that they should complete, which includes questions on their motivation to study the language concerned. Once the forms have been read and evaluated, an appointment is made with the student at an agreed location or by telephone for an interview that usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Students are then requested to respond to a special written questionnaire, which allows our evaluators to assess their ability level in the language concerned, taking into consideration grammar, syntax, fluency and vocabulary.

Conversation Classification Test

Our conversation classification test reflects the student’s ability to describe real-life situations in his or her work, travel, and pastimes. It includes a conversation on a current social subject or event. This helps the evaluators to score the students’ grammar, idiomatic expressions and pronunciation and to place them at the appropriate level.

The entire written and oral classification process takes approximately 45 minutes and it is completed two weeks before classes begin. A copy of all the assessment and follow-up material related to the student’s results is provided to the client and to the student. An electronic file containing a video of the interviews and conversation evaluation sessions can be made available to participants.

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