At Aldus Language Solutions we adopt the most effective pedagogical approaches, including the inductive, communicational and semantic methods.

We know that the right approach, professor and practice are the keys to success in languages.

We favour the inductive and the communication approaches. This means that we design our courses bearing in mind the client’s needs in learning a language and gaining an understanding the culture of the language concerned.

We specialize in courses that are provided at our clients’ facilities, in real-time over the internet or by telephone. We can provide custom corporate group courses, where role play and tailored vocabularies are used to prepare for meetings with foreign clients, or we can prepare language courses for individuals aligned to their own specific needs. Once the students are classified according to their ability level, we ensure that they all progress equally and that the course meets both corporate and individual learning expectations.

The human mind mostly learns a language through two processes: we learn our mother tongue by relating sounds to objects and situations as we listen to words and sentences at home, even if we don’t understand the mechanism of the language being learned. In other words, we learn our mother tongue by repetition, like a song. We create a certain set or repertoire of sentences, whose internal mechanisms we are not aware of unless we study the grammar.

Curiously, individuals very often learn a second language based only on the same principle, thereby not understanding the structure of their speech. This process is an unconscious, non-analytical learning process.

Nevertheless, at Aldus our skilled professors create awareness in their students of the mechanisms of a mother tongue or a second language, by equipping them with analytical tools that help them not only increase their existing repertoire of sentences, but to analyse them, and most importantly, to allow them to create meaning using grammar as the DNA of the language!

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