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Aldus Language Solutions
is a sister company of
Aldus Translations Solutions Inc.

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ALDUS LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS® (ALS) is the associate of ALDUS TRANSLATION SOLUTIONS Inc, which was created in 1985 by a team of PhD level translators and language experts.

ALS provides language courses adapted to the following fields:



Information Technology


Domestic & International Commerce

Writing & Conversation Skills


Advertising & Finances

Doing business with Aldus Language Solutions gives you peace of mind.

ALDUS LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS is a comprehensive language service provider. Our personnel provide courteous, customized service. We communicate with our clients throughout the process so as to ensure that all participants progress evenly.

Our language course are carefully coordinated from the beginning, and the participants’ learning level is evaluated until the final test.

Likewise, our courses meet the requirements of the industry, and our modern, efficient methods are designed so as to suit the client’s needs, ensuring that the vocabulary, syntax, and conversation requirements are successfully met.

At ALS, we consider that a course’s success is mutual. Our students take pride in applying their freshly acquired knowledge to real-life situations with confidence, even under their tight public-relation or demanding meetings.

Our professors are specialized in their respective fields and are credited by their the main Canadian and American translation organizations,such as the Canadian Association for Second Language Teachers (CASLT), the World Education Service (WES), the Language Industry Association (AILIA).

Our clientele includes leading Canadian companies that consider our relationship as a strategic partnership that has enabled them to open important domestic and international markets

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