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We know the importance of multilingual communication needs, which is why we stand out as a language school that will tailor an approach that will best suit your needs.

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We endorse such solid values and take advantage of our extensive experience in languages to create a bridge among the various people and cultures.

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We are concerned with core human communication values, and building solid relationships with its clients through excellence in its language courses.

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Welcome to Aldus Language Solutions

The increasingly complex world we live in is rapidly undergoing extensive geo-linguistic transformation and interdependence, where the acquisition of a new language is the key to greater personal and business success. Alongside this, cultural borders are ceasing to exist.

We live in a world where international travel and commerce form a part of our everyday lives.

How we work
Language Training

Aldus Language Solutions’ language programs are designed to meet the needs of today’s fast-changing world and its communication requirements.

Improving Human Communication

The ability levels in the language being taught are taken into consideration, and our courses are always provided by highly qualified, enthusiastic, seasoned professors.

How we work

  • Written Classification The classification test constitutes an essential aspect of the Aldus Language Solutions pedagogical approach.
  • Conversation Classification Test Our conversation classification test reflects the student’s ability to describe real-life situations in his or her work, travel, and pastimes
  • The Experience of Effective Learning At Aldus Language Solutions all participants receive the same attention; our proven, dynamic, exciting methods and our exclusive didactic and mid-course testing tools are designed to allow them to succeed.
  • Final Evaluations At the end of the course each participant undergoes a test, with the final evaluation being made based on previous evaluations and recommendations.
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