ALDUS LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS follows a step-by-step method in order to ensure the success of its teaching process.

Defining your Field and your Expectations

Prior to designing a course, ALS takes into consideration the profile and the field of operation of your company, as well as your expectations.

Defining the Profile, Ability Level and Needs of Participants

This stage is of the utmost importance in assessing the oral and written language skills of your personnel, according to the specific task to be undertaken or the goal to be achieved at both personal and corporate levels.

Our courses are broken down into 5 levels.

Creating a Customized Program for Your Needs

Based on the information we will have collected from your organization, we shall tailor a practical language teaching program using the most suitable didactic materials under the guidance of our excellent professors.

The Experience of Effective Learning

At Aldus Language Solutions all participants receive the same attention; our proven, dynamic, exciting methods and our exclusive didactic and mid-course testing tools are designed to allow them to succeed.

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Final Evaluation

At the end of the course each participant undergoes a test, with the final evaluation being made based on previous evaluations and recommendations.