About Us

Aldus is a comprehensive an experienced a highly diversified translation and multilingual service provider.

Our personnel provides courteous, customized service and we communicate with our clients throughout the process. Projects are carefully coordinated from their inception, during the translation process, and through to the final document’s delivery. We handle most formats, software and platforms to properly suit the client’s needs, ensuring that the specifications and the terminology requirements are successfully met.

Who We Are

Our clientele includes leading Canadian and American companies that consider our relationship as a strategic partnership that has enabled them to open the door to important domestic and international markets. As a testament to our focus on translation quality, all our translators are specialized in their respective fields and are credited by their respective Canadian, American, Latin-American, Asian and European translation organizations.

The use of documents in today’s society is a fundamental element of our communication system. Documents form the basis of our economy, educational systems, governments and everyday lives. Without multilingual documentation support, whether paper or electronic, our society’s basic communications and even the notion of civilization can be hardly imagined..

Our Core Services