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Aldus provides support to inventors and patent agents and lawyers at two levels:

Technical and legal evaluation and filing of your patent and IP documents, ensured by our associate Philip Swain, PhD, from IPIC ( Over the last years, Dr. Swain has successfully assessed and filed numerous IP and patent documents at both domestic and international level.

Accurate, multilingual translation from and into Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, among other. Performed by specialists with the relevant scientific, technical and legal background, Aldus delivers the accurate patent translation work needed by clients to obtain correct evaluation or for filing applications in foreign or international patent offices. Accuracy and precise terminology and descriptions are to the essence to preserve the integrity of the patent and protect it against plagiarism

Aldus devotes the necessary care and expertise by assigning its patent documents to its highly skilled translators.

At Aldus we understand the capital importance of supporting our clients in their process of facing the numerous challenges and obstacles that exist before novelty on their invention is granted. That is why we highly recommend you to get the IPSIS’ professional advise to get your patent document completed. Then we will translate all your manuals, descriptions, abstracts and definitions with great accuracy and care, in any format or platform, while meeting the patent agencies and official institutions’ timeframes.

Security and Confidentiality

From the reception of your original documents to the delivery stage, ALDUS® always respects its security and confidentiality policy. We are proud to deliver hundreds of legal and technical translations every year with our seals, which are welcome by courts, commercial and official organizations in Canada and USA. So, as regards your precious novelty documents, our philosophy is still more than ever valid: we will translate your ideas into peace of mind.

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